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Broadtime was founded in 2000 in Richmond, VA, in response to the overwhelming desire and need for stores to utilize technology to better market and sell their media both in their store and on the internet. We proudly partnered and learned from our very first store, Plan 9 Music. Through their independent spirit and capitalizing on their 23+ years of experience in the music industry, we launched our Broadtime Preview Platform in their five retail locations and as the foundation for their website which we designed.

Continuing with our focus on Independent record stores, we added other members of CIMS (Coalition of Independent Music Stores). Then, our next exciting partnership materialized in 2003 with the Music Monitor Network and a special relationship with America Online. Through this exciting arrangement, we now run the marketing program for all 100+ Music Monitor Stores on the Broadtime Platform. We provide Record Label custom animations and interactive content with reviews and videos plus special contests with on-screen entry.

Moreover, the contributions from AOL's music division and the AOL Broadband division provide exclusive content from Sessions at AOL to show users the benefit of AOL Broadband while providing a cool in-store shopping experience.

Broadtime is proud to work with independent record stores and we are looking forward to adding newer technology to our platform in the future. We have designed our products from the ground up to let the stores marketing efforts and personality shine through. By creating a modular approach to in-store and on line retailing, we can add features and new technology, easily allowing stores to build on their investment rather than having to start over. Stores can leverage our platform to manage their marketing efforts while reducing the labor required, all while increasing sales. It's a powerful tool.

From listening to our customers feedback, we’ve gone through three generations of design to perfect our Broadtime Preview Machine. Through every design stage we’ve remained focused on improving the user experience and finding new ways to expand the impact of marketing promotions.

2410 Ownby Lane
Richmond, VA 23220

Jon Berger
President and CEO

what they are saying

We really like working with the team at Broadtime, their sense of design and marketing music is very professional. I can see where the Retail Preview Machine can make a difference for marketing and developing artists utilizing an in-store kiosk.

- Patrick Jordan, Red Light Management, Dave Matthews Band

“Working with Broadtime’s flexible kiosk platform has allowed the Music Monitor Network to expand our overall marketing strategy.”

-Michael Kurtz, Music Monitor Network

Everybody knows the value of a listening station, but by adding the prominent eyecandy of a touchscreen monitor, the Broadtime system further entices the customer to explore and sample, while allowing us to present our own unique marketing messages. It can really enhance the customer's in-store experience - the regulars come to rely on it.

- Jim Bland, Plan 9 Music